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“Women in Japanese Business” Panel Discussion 1/31/2017

Blog, slides and photos are available at <http://asia.stanford.edu/?page_id=7575>.


Photo: May 17, 2016, Panel on Entrepreneurship in the Philippines

 Videos: 2017  Fall Seminar Series Online

‘New Approaches to Energy and Environment Challenges: Recent Developments in Asia’ slides and videos at <http://asia.stanford.edu/?page_id=6666>.

US-ATMC in the news

US-ATMC Director Richard Dasher and Prof. Jacques DeLisle, Director of the Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, on “Update on US-Asia Relations under the Trump Administration: China Trade and the Summit with Japanese Prime Minister Abe”

US-ATMC Director Richard Dasher and Penn Law Prof. Jacques deLisle on “TPP: Why the U.S. Withdrawal Could Be a Boon for China” radio interview and news article on “Knowledge@Wharton”

US-ATMC Director Richard Dasher and Wharton School Prof. Phil Nichols on “How the South Korean President’s Impeachment Trial Will Impact Businesses” radio interview on “Knowledge@Wharton”

US-ATMC Director Richard Dasher “Why Structure Is the Enemy of Innovation”
interview on Alan Olsen’s “American Dreams” broadcast on KDOW

2016 Japan – U.S. Innovation Awards
    Tech in Asia
    Trend Note (by Addlight) — in Japanese

US-ATMC co-produces symposium “Accelerating Innovation at Universities” with
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

Videos: 2016  Spring Seminar Series Online

 ‘Entrepreneurship in Asian High Tech Industries’  slides and videos at <http://asia.stanford.edu/?page_id=6368>.

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