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Public Lecture Series

These highly acclaimed lectures feature prominent speakers from industry and academic disciplines throughout the world. The audience is given the opportunity to ask questions and also meet and talk with the speaker during an informal reception. The lectures are available for credit to registered Stanford students and open to the public for free admission. Our seminars bring together talented graduate and undergraduate engineering students, cutting edge researchers, industry leaders and prominent government officials to discuss issues, form alliances and develop new strategies.

Fall EE402A: Topics in International Technology Management »

2016 New Approaches to Energy and Environment Challenges: Recent Developments in Asia

2015 International Partnerships for Advanced Intelligent Systems

2014 New Trends in Start-up Company Acceleration: Toward the Rise of the Global Start-up

2013 New Value Chains & the Rise of Open Innovation in Asia

2012 Green Technologies in Transportation: Recent Developments in Asia

2011 Mobile Internet Businesses and Technologies in Asia

2010 Asia Technology Management in Energy and CleanTech Domains

2009 Technology Strategies in Asian business

2008 Global Technology Development: The changing role of Asia
2007 Innovation Systems and Processes in Asia
2006 Intellectual Property Management for Technology Businesses in Asia
2005 Wireless Network Businesses in Asia
2004 Cross-border partnering in Asia: Globalization challenges for high-tech industries
2003 Doing Business with Your Technology in Asia
2002 Broadband Networks in Asia
2001 High-Tech Entrepreneurship and Innovation in East Asia
2000 Internet Access Modes and E-Commerce in East Asia
1999 Transformation of R&D in East Asia and Japan
1998 Technology Standards and Standardization Processes

1997 Joint Alliances for R&D: Engineering Cooperation for Competitiveness
1996 Intellectual Properties in the U.S. and Japan: What the Researcher Needs to Know
1995 Strategic Alliances and Technology Flow
1994 Japanese Technology Management
1993 Advanced Manufacturing

Spring EE402S: Topics in International Advanced Technology Research »

2010 Recent Approaches to Chip-Level Integration (Cancelled)

2009 Advanced Electronics and IT for Energy Applications

2008 Novel Memory Technologies and their Applications
2007 Advanced Technologies in Biomed Applications
2006 Novel Materials and Devices for Nano-electronics

2005 Novel Integration in Advanced Electronic Systems
2004 Advanced sensing technologies and networks
2003 Photonic Interconnects: On-chip and Chip-to-System Photonics
2002 Bioapplications of Nanotechnologies
2001 Wafer-Level Technologies for Advanced IC Design
2000 Photonics-Electronics Integration: International Perspectives into Advanced Technology Trends
1999 System-on-Chip
1998 Semiconductor Packaging and Interconnects: International Trends and Applications
1997 Nanotechnologies and Micromachining: The Worldwide State-of-the-Art
1996 Optoelectronics Research in Japan and the US
1995 Flat Panel Displays
1994 Long-Term Competitiveness and R&D Cooperation
1993 Technology Views from Japan

Spring EE402T: Entrepreneurship in Asian High-Tech Industries »

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