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Asia in the Bay Area

Asia Business & Technology

    • AAMA (Asian American MultiTechnology Association)
    • Ascend Pan-Asian Leaders
    • BAKG (Bay Area K Group: Korean High-Tech Professional Community in the S.F Bay Area)
    • CalAsia (California-Asia Business Council)
    • CHAIN (China America Innovation Network)
    • China Silicon Valley
    • CINA (Chinese Information & Networking Association)
    • CASPA (Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association)
    • CSPA (Chinese Software Professionals Organization)
    • GFN (Global Filipino Network)
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  • BayBrazil
  • BASN (Bay Area Startup Network)
  • Entrepreneur 27 (Successful Entrepreneurs under 27)
  • Great Wall Club
  • JVSVN (Joint Venture, Silicon Valley Network)
  • Lunch 2.0
  • SDForum (Silicon Valley’s Emerging Technology Connection)
  • SVJEN (Silicon Valley Japanese Entrepreneurship Network)
  • TIE (Talent, Ideas and Enterprise)
  • TVBN (Tech Venture Business Network)
  • VLAB (MIT Enterprise Forum, Bay Area at Stanford | MIT-Stanford VLAB)

Industry and Technology Management Topics

  • WCA (Wireless Communications Alliance)
  • NBC (NanoBio Convergence)
  • CPMT (IEEE Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology)

Information Resources on Innovation and Technology Management in Asia

Have an organization or resource that you would like to add?  E-mail Irene Bryant (irene3@stanford.edu), Assistant Director.