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Special Seminars and Events

Japan-US Innovation Awards Symposium at Stanford University

When the best of Japanese creativity and American entrepreneurial skill join forces, unimagined business opportunities occur. Each year, in cooperation with the Japan Society of Northern California, the US-Asia Technology Management Center shines a spotlight on these enterprising forces and the resulting opportunities.  Please check back for information on next year’s symposium.

Symposium website: http://www.usjinnovate.org/

2016 Japan-US Innovation Awards Symposium

2015 Japan-US Innovation Awards Symposium

2014 Japan-US Innovation Awards Symposium

2013 Japan-US Innovation Awards Symposium

2012 Japan-US Innovation Awards Symposium

2011 Japan-US Innovation Awards Symposium

March 22, 2016 | Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University @ Okinawa, Japan

Accelerating Innovation at Universities 

In a condensing and shifting world, innovation increasingly fuels economic growth. Universities around the world are re-imagining their role in the innovation pipeline and their economic impact on the region, either willingly or under pressure to do so. In this symposium global experts will explore these topics and exchange ideas for accelerating innovation at universities, from the “nuts-and-bolts” of technology transfer, to new mechanisms such as university venture funds, proof-of-concept programs, and incubators, to new educational programs that increase the “innovativeness” and entrepreneurial capacity of students. This program is produced by the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) in cooperation with the US-ATMC. Click here for the program agenda.

Symposium website (EN):  https://groups.oist.jp/osd/international-symposium-innovative-university

Symposium website (JP):  https://groups.oist.jp/ja/osd/international-symposium-innovative-university

February 17, 2016 | CISX Auditorium, Paul G. Allen Building Extension

“The Past, Present, and Future of Technology Innovation in Japan: A View From the Front Lines of Semiconductor Process Tool Development”

In this presentation, Dr. Akiyoshi Suzuki, Former Canon Fellow and currently Technical Advisor, Gigaphoton Inc., and  Member of the Board of Directors, SPIE, describes the complex dynamics that have governed semiconductor technology development in Japan, including the interplay between technology pull (strategic application demands from domains that range from aerospace to consumer products) and technology push (as exemplified by Moore’s Law and ITRS roadmapping). Dr. Suzuki will also comment on current technology management challenges for continuing innovation in the ecosystem around semiconductor IC technologies and on future prospects for Japan’s contributions to this area.

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