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Special Seminars and Events in 2004

October 20, 2004

Hitachi – Stanford Open Forum

Co-organized by Hitachi, Central Research Laboratory (CRL), US-Asia Technology Management Center, and Center for Integrated System.

September 24, 2004

Knowledge Anywhere, Anytime: the World at your Fingertips

Sponsored and presented by: Alliance Forum and US-Asia Technology Management Center, Stanford University

September 10, 2004

The Sixth Stanford – KUT Video Conference

Intellectual Property Management for International Business in Asia:

What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Multi – Point LIve Conference, Stanford – Kochi
Jointly Presented by US-Asia Technology Management Center, Stanford University and
Kochi University of Technology (KUT)

February 19, 2004

Showcasing NEC’s Carbon Nanotube Research

Special seminar with NEC