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Sukenari Hino

Email: shino at fukujo dot ac dot jp

Email: shino at fukujo dot ac dot jp

Sukenari Hino is a visiting professor at the Department of Asian Languages. He is working on translating “Regularity in Semantic Change” (Traugott and Dasher, 2005, Cambridge University Press) into Japanese. His research focuses on semantic change in Japanese.

Dr. Hino received his Ph.D. in Linguistics from University of Hawaii at Manoa. His dissertation concerned with grammaticalization in Japanese pseudo nouns and auxiliary verbs. His publications include Keishikigo no Kenkyuu (Research on pseudo nouns, 2001, Kyuushuu University Press) and Bunpooka (Translation of “Grammaticalization” (1993, Hopper and Traugott)), 2001, Kyuushuu University Press).

Dr. Hino currently works at Fukuoka Jo-Gakuin University as a professor and teaches several subjects on Japanese Linguistics.