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Hideki Yoshida, Ph.D.

Hideki Yoshida, Ph.D.

Dr. Hideki Yoshida is a Deputy Manager of Basic Research Program Evaluation, Japan Science and Technology Agency, which is one of the ministry-related funding agencies  for basic research in Japan. He is currently in charge of research evaluation, more specifically of designing and organizing of the evaluation system for the programs or the projects of the agency.

Dr. Yoshida received a B.S. in Engineering from Kyoto University (1992), a M.S. in Engineering from University of Tokyo (1994), and a PhD in Policy Research from GRIPS (2008). He is a panel member of the Japan Society for Science Policy and Research Management.

Dr. Yoshida started out as a researcher of R&D center, TOSHIBA Corporation and engaged in the R&D of the secondary batteries. Since 2002, he has worked at the present agency and been in charge of the basic research promotion and the analysis on the nanotechnology policy. In 2009, he conducted a collaboration research on technology management as a visiting fellow at SPRU (Science and Technology Policy Research), University of Sussex.

His interest currently focuses on the interaction between basic research and applied research, which are based on his actual activity at the funding agency for basic research and the experience of working at an electric company. He has aimed to investigate the mechanism of the interaction between them and to make a feedback to the S&T policy and the funding system.