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EE 402A | Topics in International Technology Management, Fall Quarter 2002

Theme: Broadband Network in Asia

September 26th through December 5th, 2002
Every Thursday, 4:15 – 5:30 pm
Free to the Public
Stanford University, Gates Building B01 (Directions)
Instructor: Richard Dasher (rdasher at stanford dot edu)

The US-ATMC wishes to recognize major support for this series from:

EE-402A Fall 2002 Speaker Line Up

Date Speaker Title Slides
9/26 Kilnam Chon:
Chairman, APAN
Professor EECS, KAIST
Network Topology in Asia Slides Chon
10/3 Vivek Ragavan
President & CEO,
Atrica, Inc.
Next Generation Network Software Protocols; Network Layers Slides Unavailable due to confidentiality issues
10/10 Lee Daniels
Managing Director,
Newbridge Capital Japan
Former President of AT&T Japan
Growth Patterns of Access Technologies in Asia Slides Daniels
10/17 Bruce Davie
Cisco Fellow,
Cisco Systems
Is QoS Necessary?
Quality of Service Mechanisms vs. Bandwidth Provisioning
Slides Davie
10/24 Izumi Aizu
Asia Network Research
Executive Research Fellow,
Deputy Director,
Institute for Hyper Network Society
A Comparative Study on Broadband in Asia Slides Aizu
10/31 Panelists:

Berbard Aboussouan
VP Marketing,
Larry Stapleton
VP Global Technology Business Development,

Cost-effective Broadband Acesses for Asian Markets
Aboussouan Slides

Stapleton Slides unavailable due to confidentiality issues
11/7 Panelists:

Geroge Chen
Senior VP,
H&Q Asia Pacific

Sridhar Jagannathan
Former VP of Technology,
SoftBank Emerging Markets

Growth of Broadband in the Biggest Asian Markets: China & India
Chen Slide

Jagannathan Slides
11/14 Shin'ichi Okamoto
Senior VP & CTO,
SONY Computer Entertaiment, Inc.
Online Gaming and the Demand on Bandwitch Slides Okamoto
11/21 Goli Ameri
Founder & President,
Seamless Mobility for the Broadband Wireless Industry Slides Ameli
12/05 Panelists*

Lynn Liu
President & CEO,

Philip Parker
Founder & CEO,
PJ Parker & Co

Andrew Kau
Managing Director,
Walden International

Winning Business Models: Generating Revenue in the Broadband Arenain Asia
Liu Slides

Parker Slides

Kau Slides