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EE402A | The Transformation of R&D in East Asia and Japan, Fall 1999

Every Thursday, 4:15 – 5:30 pm
September 23, 1999 – December 2, 1999

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No Admission Charge
Stanford University, Skilling Auditorium

Instructor: Richard B Dasher <rdasher [at] stanford [dot] edu>

EE-402A Fall 1999 Speaker Line Up

Date Speaker Title Slides
9/23 Richard Dasher,
Consulting Professor, Director,
US-Asia Technology Management Center, Stanford University"
Evolving Technological Research and Development Patterns in Japan & East Asia
9/30 Prof. Harry Tan
Nanyang Business School, Singapore
Development, Policies & Opportunities in the Emerging Digital Economics of Asia Slides
10/07 Dr. Irving T. Ho
Asia Pacific Advanced Network
Taiwan's Silicon Valley, the Hsinchu Science Park Slides
10/14 Prof. Kilnam Chon
Asia Pacific Advanced Network
The Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN), its activities and impact Slides
10/21 Megumi Takata
Representative Director & COO,

Yukata Hara
Licensing Associate,
Recruit Company Ltd.
Videoconference Presentation from Tokyo about the new "Center for Advanced Science & Technology Incubation Ltd.,"
University of Tokyo
10/28 Dr. Gerhard Fasol
President & CEO,
Eurotechnology Japan K.K.
New Opportunities Verses Old Mistakes:
Foreign Companies in Japan's High-Tech World
11/04 Prof. Noby Maeda
Former Senior Research Fellow,
National Institute of Science & Technology Policy,
New Movements of Japanese Science and Technology - Basic Science and Entrepreneurial Technology Slides
11/11 Dr. Robert Yung
Director & Chief Technologiest,
Intel China Research Center
Smart Computing for the Future  
11/18 Dr. Katsuhiro Shimohigashi
General Manager,
Semiconductor Technology,
Development Division,
Semiconductor & Integrated Circuits,
Hitach Ltd.
Transformation of Semicnoductor R&D Slides
12/02 Stanford Panel:

Avaron Barr
Shirley Tessor,
Stanfor Computer Industry Project (SCIP),
Prof. Simon Wong,
Electrical Engineering
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in East Asian Software Industries, and Emerging University-Industry RElations in East Asia