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EE 402A | Topics in International Technology Management, Fall Quarter 1998

Theme: Technology Standards and Standardization Processes

 Thursday, 4:15 – 5:30 pm
Skilling Auditorium

Instructor: Prof. Richard B Dasher [ rdasher at stanford dot edu] 

EE-402A Fall 1998 Speaker Lineup

Date Speaker Title  
9/24 Robert Hebner,
Acting Deputy Director,
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Standards and Trade - Who Really Cares?  
10/1 Bukasa Tshilombo,
Senior Analyst & Program Manager,
Mobile Communications Divisions,

The Advent of Third Generation Communications Standards: Harmonious Convergence or New Era of Chaos?  
10/8 Desi Roden,
Fellow, VLSI Technology Inc.,
Chairman, Board of Directors,
JEDEC Solid State Technology Association

Taking Industry Standards to New Levels  
10/15 David Robinson,
Senior VP, Technology,
Dolby Laboratories

Standards - Help or Hindrance?  
10/22 Farhad Tabrizi,
Director, Strategic Marketing,
Hyundai Electronics

Next Generation Memory Devices  
10/29 Ryoiku Togei,
VP, International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC);
Standards Chairman, EIAJ

Recent Development of IEC Activities: Meeting the Market Demands  
11/5 John M. Cioffi,
Associate Professor,
Stanford University;
Amati Communications Corp.

DSL Technology Standards for High Speed Connectivity  
11/12 Panel Session
Elias (Lee) Bendekgey,
VP, Legal Affairs,
Incyte Pharmaceuticals

Nikki Goth Itoi,
Senior Editor,
Red Herring

Kristopher J. Lichter,
Strategic relationship Manager, alphaWork & Java Marketing,

The Java Standards debate - Implications for the Future  
11/19 Hideo Setoya,
Executive Director,
Association of Super-Advanced Electronics Technologies (ASET)

Role of Japanese R&D Consortia in Standards-Setting  
12/3 Geoffrey Moore,
Founder & CEO,
The Chasm Group

Gorrilla Standards: The Implication of Companies Pushing Through Proprietary Standards