EE 402A | Topics in International Technology Management
Fall 2012

Theme: Green Technologies in Transportation: Recent Developments from Asia

Thursdays, 4:15 – 5:30 pm, October 4, 2012 – December 6, 2012

Free to the Public
Stanford University, Gates Computer Science Building B01 – 353 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305 [Campus Map]
Instructor: Richard Dasher <rdasher [at] stanford [dot] edu>
Available to Stanford students for one-unit credit as EE 402A

EE-402A Theme for Autumn 2012 is “Green Technologies in Transportation: Recent Developments from Asia.” Over the course of the 9 week seminar series, technology and business trends, innovations, and opportunities in Asia and Japan, e.g. new materials, fuels, and energy storage for vehicles; automobile and aircraft design; smart grids and intelligent transportation systems; mobile mesh networks, etc. will be discussed as well as implications for US firms and researchers. Distinguished speakers from industry and government.

EE402A Course Syllabus

To view a past lecture in this seminar series, please click on the following link. Available till end of autumn quarter, December 18, 2012.

EE-402A Autumn 2012 Speaker Lineup

Date Speaker Title Slides YouTube Videos
10/04 Dr. Richard Dasher
Director, US-Asia Technology Management Center
Stanford University
The Greening of Transportation: Will Asia Lead the Way? 10/04/2012 Richard Dasher Seminar Slides 10/4 Video
10/11 Mr. Osamu Onodera
Chief Representative of Silicon Valley Offices, NEDO
Green Transportation Policies and Examples from Japan: An up-to-date view 10/11/2012 Osamu Onodera Seminar Slides Part I
10/11/2012 Osamu Onodera Seminar Slides Part II
10/11 Video
10/18 Dr. Hiroshi Shimizu
CEO, SIM-Drive
An Open Source Strategy to Spread Electric Vehicle Technology: SIM-Drive   10/18 Video
10/25 Professor Lin Zhang
Tsinghua University
Department of Electrical Engineering
Crowd-Sourced Mobile Urban Sensing Networks - as Deployed in Beijing 10/25/2012 Lin Zhang Seminar Slides 10/25 Video
11/01 Mr. Toshiyuki Kondo
President & CEO, Toray Composites America
Carbon Fiber Composite Materials & their Applications in Transportation 11/01/2012 Toshiyuki Kondo Seminar Slides 11/01 Video
11/08 Mr. SiGan Peng
President & CEO
CEPT/MarinePro Tech Inc.
Environmental Technologies in Maritime Shipping and Transportation: Implementing the New UN Protocols 11/08/2012 Richard Dasher Intro Slides
11/08/2012 SiGan Peng Seminar Slides
11/08 Video
11/15 Mr. Nick Rothman
Co-Founder, Green Gears
E-Bikes: Markets, Technologies and Outlooks   11/15 Video
11/29 Mr. Steve Center
Vice President of Environmental Business
American Honda Motor Company
Honda's Vision for the Future: Next Generation Autos and the Infrastructure for Their Success 11/29/2012 Steven Center Seminar Slides Set 1 of 5
11/29/2012 Steven Center Seminar Slides Set 2 of 5
11/29/2012 Steven Center Seminar Slides Set 3 of 5
11/29/2012 Steven Center Seminar Slides Set 4 of 5
11/29/2012 Steven Center Seminar Slides Set 5 of 5
11/29 Video
12/06 Mr. Louis S. Thompson
Thompson Galenson & Associates
What the U.S. Should Learn from Asia's High-Speed Rail? 12/06/2012 Lou Thompson Seminar Slides 12/06 Video

E-mail Siejen Yin-Stevenson, Assistant Director, at <siejeny [at] stanford [dot] edu> with questions about the seminar series.

Support for this series from SunBridge Partners and The Miner Foundation