EE 402T | Entrepreneurship in Asian High Tech Industries Spring 2015

Entrepreneurship in Asian High-Tech Industries

Tuesdays, 4:15 – 5:30 pm, April 7th – June 2nd, 2015

Free to the Public
Stanford University, Gates Computer Science Building B01 – 353 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305 [Campus Map]

Instructor: Richard Dasher <rdasher [at] stanford [dot] edu>
Course Assistant: Walter Pratt <wpratt [at] stanford [dot] edu>

** Available to Stanford students for one-unit credit as EE 402T

Over the course of our 10 week public seminar series, we will explore the patterns and challenges of entrepreneurship in Asia. Distinguished guest speakers from industry, government and academia discuss emerging trends in entrepreneurship, opportunities for U.S. companies related to the growth of Asian entrepreneurial markets, cross-border ventures and recent trends in angel investing as well as exit strategies in key Asian markets.

EE402T Course Syllabus

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EE-402T Spring 2015 Speaker Lineup

YouTube Videos
04/07 Yusuke Asakura
Former President & CEO, Mixi
Current trends among startup companies in Japan: How they keep momentum 04/07/2015 Yusuke Asakura Seminar Slides 04/07 Video
04/14 Jae Myeong Lee
Mayor of Seongnam City, Republic of Korea
Seongnam city and the Pangyo Techno Valley: The Present and Future Growth of an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem   04/14 Video
04/21 Jeff Char
President & CEO, J-Seed Ventures, Inc.
Tim Romero
Tokyo-based innovator, podcaster, and entrepreneur, Disrupting Japan
Live from Venture Generation Tokyo: New Innovations and Entrepreneurship in Japan 04/21/2015 Tim Romero Seminar Slides 04/21 Video
04/28 Prof. Henri-Claude de Bettignies
Visiting Professor of International Business, Stanford GSB Emeritus Professor of Asian Business and The Aviva Chair in Leadership and Responsibility, Emeritus, INSEAD, INSEAD
Ms. Jun Li
Senior Vice President, BeyondSoftManaging Partner BeyondSoft US Startup Investment
Economic slowdown and corruption crackdown in China: the impact on entrepreneurs 04/28/2015 Prof. Henri-Claude de Bettignies Slides 04/28 Video
05/05 Dr. Richard Dasher
Director, US-Asia Technology Management Center
2015 Asia Entrepreneurship Update 05/05/2015 Prof. Dasher Seminar Slides 05/05 Video
05/12 Cheng Chen
Co-founder & BD Director, MR.GLEE Tech. Co.
Ding Zheng
Co-founder & CEO, Hangzhou Shanggongchang Tech Co, Ltd.
Jie Zhang
Managing Director, Huadan Angel Investment
Hangzhou, China: New Opportunities in a Rapidly Growing Venture Ecosystem 05/12/2015 Jie Zhang Getui Slides
05/12/2015 Jie Zhang Bay West Slides
05/12 Video
05/19 Dr. Amit Kapoor
President & CEO, India Council on Competitiveness
Entrepreneurship in India; Its Current and Future Impact on Competitiveness 5/19/2015 Dr Amit Kapoor Slides - Part 1
5/19/2015 Dr Amit Kapoor Slides - Part 2
5/19/2015 Dr Amit Kapoor Slides - Part 3
5/19/2015 Dr Amit Kapoor Slides - Part 4
5/19/2015 Dr Amit Kapoor Slides - Part 5
5/19/2015 Dr Amit Kapoor Slides - Part 6
5/19/2015 Dr Amit Kapoor Slides - Part 7
5/19/2015 Dr Amit Kapoor Slides - Part 8
05/19 Video
05/26 Anis Uzzaman
General Partner, Fenox Venture Capital
Building bridges for startup companies to multiple markets in Asia 05/26/2015 Anis Uzzaman Slides 05/26 Video
06/02 Nick Yang Ning
Founding Partner, Lebox Capital
Facing Opportunities of the Future, how China evolved into the biggest Entrepreneurial Country in the World 06/02/2015 Nick Yang Slides 06/02 Video