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Asia Entrepreneurship Update 2017: Current Ecosystem Trends | April 11, 2017

Asia Entrepreneurship Update 2017:
Current Ecosystem Trends


Dr. Richard Dasher

Director, US-ATMC
Stanford University

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 • 4:30-5:50PM

Stanford University | Skilling Auditorium
494 Lomita Mall • Stanford, CA

Dr. Richard Dasher, Director or the US-Asia Technology Management Center, introduces current attitudes toward entrepreneurship and participation in entrepreneurial activities in major Asia economies, before discussing ecosystem trends such as investment data, career patterns, and the growth of other aspects of supporting infrastructure.

Dr. Dasher has directed the US-ATMC since 1994. He serves on advisory and review boards of major government S&T funding programs and research institutes in Canada, Japan, and Thailand. He is an advisor to incubators, VC funds, innovation initiatives, and startup companies in China, Japan, S. Korea, and Silicon Valley. Dr. Dasher is the first non-Japanese person ever named to the senior governance of a Japanese national university, serving a term on the Board of Directors of Tohoku University.