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The Increasing Globalization of Asia Startups Outside China | April 18, 2017

The Increasing Globalization of Asia Startups Outside China

Chris Burry

US Market Access Center


Tuesday, April 18, 2017 • 4:30-5:50PM

Stanford University | Skilling Auditorium
494 Lomita Mall • Stanford, CA


In this talk, Chris Burry, the Co-CEO of the US Market Access Center will discuss trends among startup companies in Asia outside of China that are beginning to globalize their business at earlier stages of development. He introduces their participation in channels for globalization, such as incubator and accelerator programs in Silicon Valley and also references Asia activities by Silicon Valley investors and mentors.  What benefits can Silicon Valley achieve from the increased presence of Asia startups here?

Chris Burry is a member of US MAC’s management team. Prior to that he was a founding member of Avanade, a joint venture between Microsoft and Andersen Consulting. Founded in 2000, Avanade has grown to 9,500 global employees and annual revenues of over $850 million, with offices in 22 countries and projects in 30.

Prior to Avanade, Chris was a senior executive at Andersen Consulting and a senior technology consultant at EDS. In these roles, he oversaw numerous large-scale projects for clients in the energy, financial services, healthcare and government sectors. He has experience working in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Australia.

Chris was also a columnist on operating systems and infrastructure for ComputerWorld magazine and an adviser to the research division of IDC (publisher of a number of technology magazines) on cloud computing and the future of technology. He was also a regular speaker at industry conferences for Microsoft and IDC. Chris has an undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College in Political Science (with honors). He lives in Emerald Hills, California.