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EASTASN-402A | Topics in International Technology Management Autumn 2017

US-ATMC 25th Anniversary Series of Public Seminars:  Theme for 2017

“The Rise of Commercial Space Businesses in Asia”

Thursdays, 4:30 – 5:50 pm

October 5 – December 7, 2017


Distinguished guest speakers present new trends among firms from Asia or targeting Asia with businesses related to outer space, including telecommunications, space debris removal, payload launch services, space medicine, etc.

Instructor: Richard Dasher <rdasher [at] stanford [dot] edu>
Course Assistant: Pearl Yip <yipearl [at] stanford [dot] edu>

EASTASN-402A Syllabus

** Stanford students: Register for EASTASN-402A (cross listed as EE-402A), one-unit seminar, pass-no credit; open to all majors with no prerequisites.

Open to the Public – no RSVP required



  • William R. Hewlett Teaching Center, Room 201, 370 Serra Mall, Stanford University [Google Map


  • Via Ortega Garage, 498 Via Ortega, Stanford, CA 94305 [Google Map]
  • Roth Way Garage, 345 Campus Drive, Stanford, CA 94305 [Google Map]
  • Please check parking signs carefully to ensure that permitted parking and metered spaces are free after 4:00 pm. 


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E-mail Briana Burrows, Assistant Director, at <briana.burrows [at] stanford [dot] edu> with questions about the seminar series.

EASTASN-402A Autumn 2017 Schedule

09/28 No class this week N/A N/A N/A
10/05 Rick Giarrusso
Founder and Managing Director, Finance Technology Leverage LLC

Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom
Co-Founder and Senior Consultant, International Space Consultants
Overview — The Evolution of Commercial Space Businesses: Is Now the Time for Asia? 10/05 Rick Giarrusso Slides

10/05 Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom Slides
10/05 Video
10/12 Ryutaro Ichikawa
Global Business Development Manager, ispace

Rahul Narayan
Founder, TeamIndus
On the Business Implications of Google’s Lunar XPRIZE 10/12 Richard Dasher Slides

10/12 Ryutaro Ichikawa Slides
10/12 Video
10/19 Yuya Nakamura
President and CEO, Axelspace
Japanese Space Startups for the Future: The Vision of Axelspace 10/19 Yuya Nakamura Slides  
10/26 Susmita Mohanty
CEO, Earth2Orbit
Mars Shot: India Reshaping the Global Space Landscape    
11/02 TBA      
11/09 Flavia Tata Nardini
CEO, Fleet Space Technologies
11/16 TBA      
11/30 Chris Blackerby
12/07 TBA      

Please check back soon for more details.