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SPRING 2004 Seminar Series

March 30th through June 1st, 2004
Every Tuesday, 4:15 - 5:30 pm
Free to the Public
Stanford University, Skilling Auditorium (Directions)

Instructor: Richard Dasher (
*Available to Stanford students for one-unit credit as EE 402T*

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Broadcast live via SITN (Stanford Instructional Television Network)
Streaming videos available online to registered students via SCPD

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Schedule of Speakers





March 30


Ram Shriram, Founder, Sherpalo Consulting Entrepreneurship in Rapidly Growing Asian Markets
April 6

Greg Tarr, VP, Asia/Japan Kodiak Networks and Managing Partner CrossPacific Capital

Natasha Flaherty
moderator for this session

3G in China, Korea and Japan
April 13 Jeff Jacobsen, President, Applied Wireless Identifications Group

RFID Tag Readers – A Revolution?

April 20 ASES Panel ASES Summit Report
April 27 Hiromichi Kimura, Founder & CEO, Life Science Management Entrepreneurial Biotech in Japan  
May 4 Hong Chen, Chairman & CEO, The Hina Group Venture Capital Investing in Asia  
May 11 Allen Miner, Founder & CEO, SunBridge Corp. Defining Entrepreneurial Success in Asia  
May 18 ATI Panel Recap of Last Summer  
May 25

Anu Shukla
CEO, RubiconSoft, Inc.

Farrokh Billimoria
Partner, Artiman Ventures

Software Development and IT Services in India  
June 1 Richard Dasher, Director, US-Asia Technology Management Center Relationship between Entrepreneurship, Corporate Governance and Business Culture in Asia  

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