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SPRING 2004 Seminar Series

April 1st through May 27th, 2004
Every Thursday, 4:15 - 5:30 pm
Free to the Public
Stanford University, Skilling Auditorium (Directions)

Instructor: Richard Dasher (rdasher at stanford dot edu)
*Available to Stanford students for one-unit credit as EE 402S

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Broadcast live via SITN (Stanford Instructional Television Network)
Streaming videos available online to registered students via SCPD

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The US-ATMC wishes to recognize major support for this series from:
Agilent Labs

Schedule of Speakers





April 1


Keynote: Sharon Smith, Director of Technology, Lockheed Martin Corp. Nano Opens New World for Sensors
April 8 Giovanni Zocchi, Assistant Professor, BioPhysics, UCLA

Kevin Plaxco, Assistant Professor, Chemistry and BioChemistry, UCSB

Steven Block, Professor, Applied Physics and Biological Sciences, Stanford University
Single Molecular Measurements of DNA and Proteins
April 15 Steve Laderman, R & D Dept. Manager, Molecular Diagnostics, Agilent Labs

Applications of DNA Microarrays to Biomedical Research and Molecular Diagnostics


April 22

Keith Bradley, Senior Scientist, Nanomix Inc.

Alan Cassel, VP Nanofabrication, Integrated Nanosysems Inc.

Carbon Nanotube-Based Sensors
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April 29 Dr. Fei Yan, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Advanced Biomedical Science and Technology Group, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Advanced Biophotonics Sensors for Environmental and Medical Applications

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May 6 Lakshman Krishnamurthy, Senior Staff Engineer, Heterogeneous Sensor Networks Group, Intel Corp.

Manufacturing / Industrial Apps
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May 13

Tom Hausken, Director of Optoelectronic Components, Strategies Unlimited

Xuemei Zhang, Research Engineer, Agilent Labs

Image Sensor Technologies
May 20

Mark Brongersma, Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University

Nicholas Melosh , Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University

Ozgur Sahin, Graduate Researcher, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

Moderator: Janusz Bryzek, Managing Partner, BN Ventures

Stanford Sensor Research - I  
May 27

Beth Pruitt, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

Tom Lee, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

Stanford Sensor Research - II  

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