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        Visiting Scholar


Kazuo Amano   



Kazuo Amano is a visiting researcher at the US-Asia Technology Management Center studying systems of business development and trends of biotechnology companies in the U.S. He comes to the U.S.-Asia Technology Management Center from the Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences, Nagoya University, Japan where he concentrated on research introducing a gene that controls flower color expression. His research interests include plant molecular biology and food and environmental biotechnology products. 

Mr. Amano’s undergraduate research was focused on the cause of the morphological aberration, via Arabidopsises seed production. He conducted anatomical and genetic experiments and discovered that the TCP16 gene, which encodes a putative transcription factor, plays a crucial role in the early processes of pollen development.

Mr. Amano received his BS in Applied Biolological Sciences from Nagoya University, Japan in 2004. He worked as an intern for the Department of Biotechnology and Afforestation, TOYOTA Motor Corporation. Mr. Amano recently published RNA Interference of the Arabidopsis Putative Transcription Factor TCP16 Gene Results in Abortion of Early Pollen Development Plant Molecular Biology. (2005) 61:165-177. 

E-mail: amano at stanford dot edu