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The J Guide: Stanford Guide to Japan Information Resources was a topically arranged directory of online information resources in and about Japan, with focus on resources about Japan in the English language. It was actively managed from 1994-2017. The J Guide was a project of the US-Asia Technology Management Center (USATMC), School of Engineering, Stanford University. The J Guide project was initiated with funding through grants in the US-Japan Industry and Technology Management Training Program (JITMT), administered by the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research. Since our completion of those grants, J Guide had received support through gifts to the USATMC from US and Japanese corporate sponsors.

The predecessor of J Guide debuted in 1994 as the X Guide (Stanford Experimental Guide to Japan Information Resources). Since that time, J Guide had undergone several major reorganizations in order to keep pace with the drastic increase of Internet websites in Japan, the appearance of new Japan-related search tools and indices, and improvements in website management software. Most recently, J Guide was completely revamped with a new database engine and user interface in winter 2002.

In addition to serving the Internet community, the J Guide also aimed to serve as an educational platform for: – USATMC research into the market demand for Japan information and – Practical education for graduate and undergraduate students in finding new Japan information sources and presenting them in a systematic, organized way. For a published case study on the organization, history, usage, and ongoing development of the J Guide, please read: Karo, N.; Wiemer, M.; Kada, K.; and Dasher, R. “J Guide: the Stanford Guide to Japan Information Resources.” AsianDOC Electronic Newsletter. March 1998.

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