Michiko Ashizawa, Ph.D.

Michiko Ashizawa, Ph.D.

After five years as a Japanese certified public accountant (CPA) with KPMG Tokyo, Professor Michiko Ashizawa engaged in several corporate transformation projects at the Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan and Advantage Partners Inc. She then moved into academia and has been an associate professor at the Department of Economics and Business Administration, Yokohama City University since 2013.


Her research interests are:

  1. The role of venture capital in the formation of startup ecosystems
  2. Network structure to promote innovation for large companies and startups
  3. The role of private equity funds in corporate transformation

Prof. Ashizawa focuses on practical entrepreneurship education and policy proposals for the formation of startup ecosystems.

She also has experience as an outside director for several companies and serves on various committees for Japanese ministry-related institutions including the City of Yokohama.

She enjoys skiing, playing tennis and golf, and is looking forward to watching sports in the United States.

Prof. Ashizawa received her B.A. in Economics, MBA, and Ph.D. in Management from Keio University, Japan.


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