Virtual Human Agent for Smart City | October 11, 2018

Atsushi Ishii


Kazuaki Ishiguro

Chief Blockchain Architect

Thursday, October 11, 2018 • 4:30-5:50 PM

Stanford University | Skilling Auditorium
494 Lomita Mall • Stanford, CA

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The Virtual Human Agent is a virtual character that possesses senses such as sight and hearing, emotions and intelligence. It is able to react to images and situations in the real world, converse, operate electrical appliances, think and communicate as a human would.

To date, Couger has been providing “Street”, a learning simulator that teaches AI and robots to understand circumstances in which humans act and behave, to universities and companies such as Honda Motor Company, Ltd.. Within this simulator, the 3D virtual character performs decision-making based on the given circumstances, and behaves as a human would. By expanding the character’s input process, such as image and voice, they can evolve it into a form that is able to communicate with humans.

Couger strives to develop a new interface that links AI x AR x Blockchain with society.

Join us to hear more about this exciting technology!

Atsushi Ishii, CEO, Couger

After being involved in the development of various services at IBM, Atshushi Ishii developed multiple large-scale search engines at Rakuten and Infoseek. He founded Couger and led the teams in Japan, US, and South Korea for developing multiple top-selling online games. He has also provided technical cooperation to one of the top teams for Amazon Robotics Challenge, provided AI learning simulator to Honda, and led the development of Cloud Robotics for a Japanese government-backed AI research project.

Atsushi is currently leading the development of “Connectome” using AI, AR and Blockchain. Also had given a speech at Ethereum’s global conference “EDCON” and one of biggest technology conference “Tech Open Air” in Berlin.

In June 2018 he joined the University of Electro-Communication as a Visiting Research Fellow.

Kazuaki Ishiguro, Chief Blockchain Architect, Couger 

After graduating from high school in Japan, Kazuaki Ishiguro went to university in Los Angeles and started his career as a DJ. He worked at multiple clubs in Hollywood as a regular DJ and started programming when he created music and video content for live music. He later went back to Japan and worked as a software developer at CTI-startup. He eventually taught himself blockchain development.  At Couger, he currently leads the blockchain development of “Connectome” and has given a speech at Blockchain EXE’s event and Ethereum’s global conference, EdCon. He is also a contributor of BigchainDB.

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