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US-ATMC in the news

150707 Dasher.Domingo.Manalo MNL

On July 7, US-ATMC Director Richard Dasher was invited to hold an informal exchange of views with Philippine Secretary of Trade and Industry Gregory Domingo (center) and Undersecretary for Industry Promotion Group Ponciano C. Manalo, Jr. (left). Dr. Dasher was in Manila to give the keynote speech on July 6 at Slingshot MNL, a conference organized by the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry and APEC, before an audience of over 1,000 people.

Dasher’s talk on “The Role of Universities in Startup Ecosystem Development: What Are the Real Lessons from Stanford in Silicon Valley? ” highlighted some aspects often overlooked in discussions of entrepreneurship and innovation: labor force skills needed for high-growth startups, integration of fundamental research with practical problem solving, and the function of the university as a place for networking among people with different areas of expertise.