Benefits and Fees

Industrial Affiliates Program

Benefits and Fees

Company Benefits:

  • Regular distribution of news analysis in company areas of interest
  • Copies of US-ATMC publications and presentations
    • E.g. newsletters and online reports about our areas of focus
  • Invitation to annual general meeting (during Spring Quarter)
  • On request, one complimentary ½ day seminar with Stanford speaker(s) for member company delegation
    • Depending on scheduling, may be held at member company
    • Programs at Stanford will be open to Stanford community
  • Facilitation of informal meetings, discussions with faculty, recruiting visits with students
  • Sponsor listing of member company on website and in public program materials
  • Opportunities for deeper involvement (we can discuss)


  • Annual membership fee = $30,000 per year
    • Membership begins on receipt of funds; usual year = Sept. – Aug.
  • Visiting Scholar hosting fees
    • $50,000 for 9 – 12 months in residence (fee for first 9 – 12 month Visiting Scholar includes annual membership fee, but additional also @ $50k each)
    • $40,000 for 6 – 9 months in residence
  • Additional US-ATMC research
    • Fee is discussed on case-by-case basis with interested company
    • Fee will include $30,000 basic membership fee
    • For reference, one graduate student RA @ 50% time = over $65,000/year, and we must also pay for pro-rated faculty efforts
  • New members sign a one-page “US-ATMC Participation Agreement” with Stanford (auto renewal when fee paid)
    • US-ATMC generates simple invoice(s) for payment

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