Understanding Modern India

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Understanding Modern India

SPRING 2024 | GLOBAL121L/221L at Stanford University

India has experienced robust economic growth in recent years. However, certain fundamental drawbacks have held it back from attaining its maximum potential. Following India’s Independence, certain actions have been taken to address foundational issues, though more needs to be done on an urgent basis. The unique characteristics of India have made the country a subject of extensive thought. So, how does one look to chart a deeper understanding of India? Understanding how India is unique is a critical part of getting at the root causes of India’s current level of development. The future of India stands on the bedrock of the history of India. From an inward-looking economy relying on import substitution and characterized by a massive and inefficient state, largely controlled the private enterprise, to the 5th largest economy in the world, India’s story calls for telling and retelling from different vantage points. The sheer scale of India has made its continued domestic and international development even more time-critical and given the current climate of increasing geopolitical tension, this course aims to provide students with an understanding of modern India and the factors that will determine its positioning relative to increasing geopolitical tensions and business opportunities across Asia and globally.


Instructor: Dr. Amit Kapoor, Honorary Chairman, Institute for Competitiveness, India


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