Roundtable on Rice Fortification in India


Roundtable on Rice Fortification in India

US-ATMC Director Dr. Richard Dasher joined a roundtable discussion hosted by the Institute for Competitiveness in New Delhi, India on October 20, 2023. Details on the event: https://competitiveness.in/event/rice-fortification-in-india/

India has taken significant steps through its program on fortification to fight the challenge of hidden hunger within the country. As part of understanding of the rice fortification program, the Institute for Competitiveness and the US-Asia Technology Management Center have documented the effort, understanding factors that have driven its success, how to create solutions at scale, the process followed to make policy decisions, the steps taken by India through the PDS systems, etc

The documentation is an effort to look at best practices, challenges faced and how other countries can look at the exercise of fortification to create scalable solutions for enhancing the quality of life and driving nutritional outcomes in its population. The report on Rice Fortification in India, co-written by Dr. Richard Dasher Director, US-Asia Technology Management Center, Dr. Amit Kapoor Honorary, Chairman of the Institute for Competitiveness, and Mukul Anand, Researcher for Institute for Competitiveness, can be found here.

“India’s push for rice fortification is a powerful, cost-effective solution to anemia and malnutrition. With ambitious plans and rapid scaling, it’s set to be a major global health success story. This roundtable marks a key step in ‘s journey towards a healthy, nourished nation.” — Amitabh Kant, G20 Sherpa, Government of India, on X


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