Kaori Nishibayashi

Kaori Nishibayashi

Kaori Nishibayashi is a visiting scholar at the US-Asia Technology Management Center for 2022-2023 where she is researching support ecosystems for smart cities, including open innovation relationships between large firms and startup companies, and also the relevant technology in Silicon Valley. She graduated from Kyoto University in 2010 with a master’s degree in Civil and Earth Resource Engineering. Since joining Mitsui Fudosan, she has been in the Accounting Department for the past five years, managing the consolidated financial statements of more than 100 Mitsui Fudosan Group companies, including domestic and overseas companies.

Ms. Nishibayashi is currently working as a Project Leader on a Smart City Project in Kashiwanoha, near Tokyo, Japan. As lead, she has taken the initiative to start collaborations with national universities and a national cancer center, which are conducting cutting-edge research and technology, fully taking advantage of her science background. She is passionate about implementing those technologies into society for future town developments and promoting open innovation. She likes to explore new places and look for new tastes.


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