Shintaro Naganuma

Shintaro Naganuma

Shintaro Naganuma, a Japanese entrepreneur, founded BAKE Inc. in 2013. As one of the most innovative pastry companies in Japan, BAKE Inc. has about 100 stores across 10 countries. BAKE Inc. has 8 brands, all of which focus on making just one product and each product is sold in a uniquely designed concept factory store. In 2017, Naganuma sold BAKE Inc. to a Japanese private equity fund and he remains as the chairman of the company. After graduating from Keio University in 2010 with a degree in Business and Commerce, Naganuma joined Marubeni Corporation, one of the biggest trading companies in Japan. In 2011, following a brief stay in Shanghai to start his own pastry shop, he went back to his hometown in Hokkaido and joined his father’s company. His experience in store operations, product development and brand marketing gained during this time was vital to his later success in his own business ventures.

In 2017, Naganuma received an Award of Excellence in the annual Japan Innovator Award Ceremony presented by Nikkei Business Publications.

He has set up a new company that invests in dairy and food businesses.

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