Takashi Kato

Takashi Kato

Takashi Kato founded Takashi Kato Office in 2011 and focuses on creating and helping high-tech ventures including but not limited to the robotics field. He moved in Menlo Park, California at the end of 2015 and has been providing professional works in San Francisco Bay Area. He is currently serving as President and CEO of HiBot USA, Inc located in San Jose. His work is to convert Japanese unique robotics (hardware) technology into the big data (software) business for the US water/oil/gas market. 

Earlier in his career, he was a co-founder and CFO of SCHAFT Inc, the humanoid robotics venture which got 1st prize at the US DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Robotics Challenge Trials in 2013. SCHAFT was eventually acquired by Google in the same year. Takashi also served as CEO for a technology startup and as Executive Officer for a retail conglomerate with over $1 billion revenue. He started his career as banker in the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi.

He sometimes visits and gives lectures on entrepreneurship in Waseda University. He is the author of the book called “Five Steps to Unlock Your Future” (from Shinchosha Ltd) and “How to Make Your Life Dramatic” (from Bungeishunju Ltd), as well as several articles on leadership and entrepreneurship. He appeared in some of the best international papers/magazines such as Bloomberg, The Economist, The Financial Times as well as many local papers in Japan. Takashi frequently speaks in Japan on such topics. Takashi holds a B.Eng. degree in applied physics from Waseda University and a MBA from the Australian National University.

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