2022 | New Business in Asia Driven by Climate-Tech and Sustainability


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2022 | New Business in Asia Driven by Climate-Tech and Sustainability

Sep 29, 2022 - Dec 1, 2022

05:30 pm - 07:00 pm

Guest speakers from industry and academia present examples of problem-driven innovation for environmental sustainability, climate change amelioration and mitigation, ESG reporting, SDG targeting, and related topics. Focus is on present-day developments in Asia business, technology, and investing, along with their implications for Silicon Valley and the U.S.

The series begins September 29, 2022 and continues weekly until December 1, 2022. Seminars will be held Thursdays, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM.

Instructor: Richard Dasher <rdasher [at] stanford [dot] edu>

The series is available to Stanford students for credit; register for EASTASN 402A “Topics in International Technology Management,” also cross-listed as EE-402A and EALC-402A, 1 unit S/NC. 

Course Schedule

Sep 29

Overview: New Business in Asia Driven by Climate-Tech and Sustainability

Dr. Richard Dasher
Director, US-Asia Technology Management Center, and Adjunct Professor, Stanford University
Dr. Amit Kapoor
Honorary Chairman, Institute for Competitiveness, India and Lecturer, Stanford University
Oct 06

Alternative (Jet) Fuel from Micro-organisms

Mitsuru Izumo
Founder and President, Euglena Co., Ltd.
Oct 13

Circular Economy: Upcycling Trash Across India

Manoj Jain
Executive Chairman, Ideation3X Pte. Ltd.
Tatsuo Kawasaki
Partner, Unison Capital
Oct 20

A Singaporean VC Invests in Sustainability: Recycling Lithium from Batteries

Leon Farrant
CEO & Co-Founder, Green Li-Ion
Mike Lim
Partner, TRIREC
Oct 27

Direct Air Capture (DAC) and Storage of CO2

SiGan Peng
President & CEO, China Environmental Project Technology Inc. (CEPT)
Jerry Zhao
CEO, Zero Carbon Energy Innovation Union Inc. (ZCEIU, U.S.)
Nov 03

International Corporate Venturing for Supply Chain Decarbonization

Hideaki Akimoto
Vice President of Business Development, Yazaki Innovations, Inc.
Kei Morita, Ph.D.
General Manager, ENEOS Americas
Seiichiro Mukai
Senior Manager, Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas) Silicon Valley Branch
Nov 10
Nov 17

Growing Sustainability Opportunities in Asia: Trends in Angel Investing

Sidhant Gupta
Co-Founder, Clearbot
Mark Inkster
Co-Founder, Asia Sustainability Angels
Dec 01

POP Movement: Spearheading Youth-Led Innovation and Action to Protect Our Planet

Dr. Ash Pachauri
Co-Founder & Senior Mentor, POP Movement
Xiaotong Du
Program Manager, Polar Hub
Kevin Morales Münstermann
POP Youth Mentor, Finance and Enterprise
Samuel C. Okorie
POP Youth Mentor and Ambassador for Africa
Ivan Ransom Rodríguez
POP Sustainability Ambassador and Mentor
Dr. Norma Patricia Muñoz Sevilla
POP Honorary Distinguished Mentor

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